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Kendell Kardt songs


Boneyard Media features a number of tracks, all of them out of print or unreleased, by songwriter Kendell Kardt, who became friends with me after I wrote about him. Kendell was a key member of Capitol recording artists Rig, who were based in San Francisco, and whose sole album Kendell hates. He was also an Archies session man in ’69 – that’s him playing the Rhodes keyboard on “Sugar Sugar,” which he also hates. Kendell later became a fixture on the Chicago folk scene throughout the ’70s. Although many of his post-Rig songs have been well-known throughout the Chicago scene and have surfaced as cover versions, none of them saw official release as recorded by Kendell himself. He’s been generous enough to make a number of these – including tracks from his completed yet never issued 1971 Buddy Bolden LP, featuring Jerry Garcia and Ronnie Montrose – available for our listening pleasure.  (Certain comments for many of these were sadly lost in a 2008 blog backup disaster.)

Update: An ever-growing archive of Kendell’s material, including photos, memoirs and writings, is now available at Kendell’s own website.