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Fred Rogers – “Around the Neighborhood: Puppet Voices” (c. 1975)


In 1975 or so my mom took us to see Lady Aberlin and two purple pandas at the Valley Fair Mall in Granger, Utah. Happy memory. This record came with a gift bag that Lady Aberlin handed out to all the kids. Hear it as it now sounds. Confession: I’ve sung the “meow meow pretty” routine at 3:11 to more than a few cats.

Fred Rogers – “Around the Neighborhood: Puppet Voices”

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6 Responses to “Fred Rogers – “Around the Neighborhood: Puppet Voices” (c. 1975)”

  1. Magen Morse Says:

    Did they do a tour all over the country? Because, one of my favorite childhood memories was going to see Mr Rogers at the U of Az (seemed like it was in a smallish room, lots of kids crushed in) and I sat at the feet of Lady Aberlin. I’d never seen such a beautiful, white teeth. Mr R was my favorite babysitter – I still get teary when I hear him say, “there is no one else in the world like you – you are special.” Did more for me than any YW sermon about becoming a princess in heaven. . .bleh. Kim is that you? M

  2. Kim Says:

    Hey hey Magen – I’m sure they did. Do you remember if you got a record or gift bag when you went? I’ve always gotten a sense of true religion from Mr. R. He’s one of the all-time greats as far as I’m concerned. And the purple pandas have always stuck in my mind as cautionary metaphors about the herd mentality….

  3. Vickie Perkins Says:

    What a wonderful memory and thank you so much for sharing it! I loved hearing this wonderful audio and surely wish I could download it to play for my daughter as we drive.

  4. Kim Says:

    Thank you, Vickie. Your wish is my command.

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  6. Gwyn Isaacs Says:

    Hi all,
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