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Song ID: Kendell Kardt – “Buzzy and Jimmy” (1976)


From a live demo recorded by Kendell in Chicago in 1976 comes this beautiful track, “Buzzy and Jimmy.” There’s no telling how many albums’ worth of quality material the man has socked away.

Thanks, by the way, to BYM visitor Chris who points out that some of Kendell’s songs can be heard on albums by Jim Post (formerly of Friend and Lover), Redhead, and folk duo Reilly and Maloney.

Kendell Kardt – “Buzzy and Jimmy” (demo, 1976)

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posted by Kim Simpson

10 Responses to “Song ID: Kendell Kardt – “Buzzy and Jimmy” (1976)”

  1. Chris Says:

    What a great song – Jimmy Post has a great version.
 But why are they sea cucumber?? Isn’t that what he says??
 Anyhow, Mike Dunbar in Nashville might let you have some of Redhead’s Kardt material — see My Space and CD Baby for Mike – another great ’70’s Chicago scene singer/writer.
 Thanks for putting this out. I heard about you on WNUR on the net.

  2. Kim Says:

    I actually heard it as “see cucumbers” but I guess I’d be perfectly content with a disarming water baby “sea cucumber” reference.
 WNUR – that’s a great station up yonder.
 Thanks for the heads up about all this,

  3. Chris Says:

    If you are corresponding with Kendell, maybe you could ask him – I can’t understand Jimmy Post’s version either. “Cucumber” must be a mondegreen, but it’s cool if that’s what it is.
 I went back and saw Kathy Kelly’s comment – she’s one of the hosts on the WNUR folk show where I heard about this. I agree Silver Engine is a great song too – could you get Kendell’s version? Or maybe Kathy can get somebody in Chicago to finally record The Man.
 Keep truckin,’ Chris

  4. Kim Says:

    “Sea cucumbers” it is – it turns out Kendell wrote this in San Anselmo where he’d written so much of the Buddy Bolden material and where he could see sea cucumbers on the beach at Point Reys. Stay tuned – there’s likely more material on the way. (And yeah, I’m with you there – a new recording of KK is long overdue…)

  5. Chris Says:

    Thanks for the reply on this. That’s what I love about the net — keep up the great work.
 I chorded the song and will try it out at the ol’ pizza parlor, but I think I’ll have to change the words, rather than trying to explain the lyrics. Sorry, Kendall. Anyhow, really great now to have all 3 verses – Jimmy left out the second. 
Hope you also might be able to follow up on the old Redhead material. They were one hot folk band.

  6. Bill Strejc Says:

    I was looking some lyrics and found this blog site. I was in a band in the middle 70’s & we did Silver Engine & Dance Gypsy Dance. Always wanted to do Buzzy and Jimmy but never got around to it. I’m a Chicago area boy, always went to see Jim Post, Ed and Fred, John Prine, Steve (God bless him) Goodman, the Redheads, et al. Always wanted recorded material from Kendall Kardt. Still haven’t found it. It was good to listen to his music here. Great stuff.

  7. Kim Says:

    Thanks for swinging by, Bill. k

  8. Patti Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this music, Kim. I used to do this song (Post’s version) in the 70’s, and this is funny– I swear I always thought “Sea Cucumber” was a dog, lol! I love the (somewhat messy) visual of two lovers dancing the Old Time Lindy Hop, dodging sea creatures. Thanks for clearing this up. 🙂

  9. Tom Pabich Says:

    I have 10 or more great tracks that were recorded at Hedden west recording studio outside of chicago about 1976. Some are full orchestrated and others
    not so produced. Bicycle wheel, dance gypsy dance, tutu, city of lost angles,
    street racer and others. some of the tracks have some famous side men.
    Does anyone know what happened to my dear friend Kendall?

  10. Kim Says:

    Hi Tom, Great hearing from you. Check out Kendell’s new website/archive at (see #6 “contact Kendell Kardt” – I’m sure he’d love hearing from you) and especially the Hedden West section at so you can see if you’ve got anything that’s not there. Thanks for dropping by,

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