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“Rollerdream” – My Bay City Rollers Tribute


This is a 52-minute audio jigsaw tribute I’ve created for the Bay City Rollers, whose records I listened to as a kid and who I also dressed up as for the Jackling Elementary Halloween Parade in Oct. ’78 (see above). I call it “Rollerdream.” Cirque du Soleil will please contact me in private about using this for a Las Vegas Beatles Love-style extravaganza.

“Rollerdream” by DJ Kim

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The “Rollerdream” roadmap:

00:00 Tartan Horde – “Bay City Rollers We Love You”

00:30 Bay City Rollers – “Shang a Lang” + with fangirls singing and screaming.

02:00 Bay City Rollers – “Remember (Sha La La La)” (w/ “All of Me Loves All of You” guitar)

02:37 Bay City  Rollers – “All of Me Loves All of You”

02:52 (interlude) The Ronettes – “Baby I Love You”

03:00 Bay City Rollers – “Summer Love Sensation”

03:35 Bay City  Rollers – “All of Me Loves All of You” + “Saturday Night”

03:50 Bay City Rollers – “Saturday Night”

04:58 (interlude) Gary Glitter – “I Didn’t Know I Loved You Til I Saw You Rock and Roll” (+ “Saturday Night”)

05:28 Bay City Rollers – “Keep on Dancing”

05:52 Bay City Rollers – “Rock and Roll Honeymoon” (+ “Saturday Night”)

07:08 Bay City Rollers – “Let’s Go (A Huggin’ and A Kissin’ in the Moonlight)”

07:48 (interlude) Tim Moore – “Rock ‘N Roll Love Letter”

07:55 Bay City Rollers – “Rock ‘N Roll Love Letter”

09:11 Bay City Rollers – “Dedication”

11:10 Bay City Rollers – “Eagles Fly”

12:10 (interlude) Kiss – “Hard Luck Woman” (+ Bay City Rollers – Marlena”)

12:25 Bay City Rollers – “Shanghai’d in Love” (+ “Eagles Fly”)

12:53 Bay City Rollers – “Beautiful Dreamer” (+ “Dedication” + Slade – “Cum on Feel the Noize”)

14:01 Bay City Rollers – “Wouldn’t You Like It”

17:04 Bay City Rollers – “Yesterday’s Hero” (+ Cliff Richard + fangirls)

19:18 Bay City Rollers – “Too Young to Rock and Roll”

21:28 Bay City Rollers – “I Only Wanna Dance with You”

21:50 (interlude) Dusty Springfield – “I Only Want to Be with You”

21:57 Bay City Rollers – “I Only Wanna Be with You”

24:04 Bay City Rollers – “Rock and Roller”

25:44 Bay City Rollers – “Money Honey”

28:14 (interlude) Stevie Wonder – “Superstition”

28:24 Bay City Rollers – “The Disco Kid”

29:50 Bay City Rollers – “Love Fever” (+ “Are You Cuckoo”)

30:37 The Rollers – “Life on the Radio”

30:50 Bay City Rollers – “You Made Me Believe in Magic”

31:59 Bay City Rollers – “Inside a Broken Dream”

33:17 Bay City Rollers – “The Way I Feel Tonight”

35:59 Bay City Rollers – “It’s a Game” (+ BCR radio ad)

36:18 (interlude) David Bowie – “Rebel Rebel”

36:26 Bay City Rollers – “Rebel Rebel”

37:54 (interlude) Sid & Marty Krofft Bay City Rollers Show intro

38:00 Bay City Rollers – “When I Say I Love You (The Pie)” + “All of the World Is Falling in Love” + “Saturday Night”

39:02 Rollers – “Stoned Houses #2” + Roller TV voices

39:29 Rollers – “Stoned Houses #1” + Roller TV voices

40:14 Rollers – “Elevator”

41:38 Rollers – “Who’ll Be My Keeper”

42:39 Bay City Rollers – “You’re a Woman”

42:47 Rollers – “Instant Relay”

44:18 Rollers – “Turn on Your Radio” (+ Bay City Rollers – “The Bump”)

46:00 Rollers – “Roxy Lady” (+ TV documentary voice + fangirls)

47:07 Rollers – “God Save Rock and Roll” (+ “Saturday Night” + fangirls)

49:19 Rollers – “Life on the Radio”

49:52 Tartan Horde – “Rollers Show” (+ Rollers – “I Was Eleven”)

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  1. Jebdakk Says:

    Genius mash up of the Bay City Rollers. Brought back many plaid trimmed memories. I also appreciate the personal reference from the grade school Halloween carnival. Few bands could make the girls scream for them and also get the boys to dress like them.

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