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Adams Extract Building, Austin, TX (1955-2002), Pt. 2


Hats off to Boneyard visitor Benji for having the foresight to capture the Adams Extract building in full nighttime splendor (and for sending it along). The sign is apparently still up at the new location. Here’s a slightly enlarged view.

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  1. Extract Premiere | Austin Metblogs Says:

    […] As I tweeted last night, one of the things that struck me early in the film was the similarity of the Reynold’s Extract plant to the Adams Extract building just south of town. I wasn’t the only one because one of the first questions was whether the Adams plant influenced the script. Judge said that he’s always wondered what went on in that building and that it did, in fact, serve as inspiration for the movie. Members of the Adams Extract family were in attendance and Judge had them stand up at one point. The Austin Chronicle did a story on Adams Extract in 2001 before they moved to Gonzales. Boneyard Media has a photo of the iconic building. […]

  2. Sterling Crim Says:

    Thanks for posting this lovely photo. The Austin landmark was a magnificent example of prairie style Industrial Architecture.

    Unfortunately our Partnership ( current owners of the Adams Brands) could not purchase the property or building. As you know, the building was later sold by the Adams Estate to a developer and the iconic landmark was torn down and the property developed for other uses.

    Adams was able to keep the wonderful neon sign and is currently on our manufacturing facility in Gonzales Texas.

    I also understand that the Austin Library has the original architectural files and they say they are loaded with Photos inside and out of the plant.

  3. Boneyard Media » Blog Archive » Adams Extract Building, Austin, TX (1955-2002), Pt. 3 Says:

    […] to the considerably less attractive building in Gonzalez, Texas (above). But at least we still have Benji’s photo of the building, and thanks to commenter Sterling Crim of Adams Extract & Spice, LLC, who […]

  4. Kim Says:

    Thanks for this great info, Mr. Crim. I’ve just posted an update.

  5. Susan Brown Swint Says:

    For anyone stumbling upon this in 2013, Country World (farm/ranch newspaper) has a full page article about Adams Extract Co in their issue of April 25, 2013. Hiram S. Brown, my dad, was a friend of John G. Adams, and lore about the magical extract was part of my childhood. At one time, I understand Adams Best was sold only in Texas (and later in California, when a family member moved there) because of FDA regulations regarding publication of the formula if it crossed state lines. We’ve given many a bottle of Adams Best to cooks we know in other parts of the country.

  6. Bryan Says:

    I wondered where that building went, moved back to Austin in 2004 after a stint in California and remember driving by the building. My mother only used Adams vanilla and I would take a big whiff every time she had it out. Sad to hear it was torn down, fantastic building. Where was it exactly on I-35? Just saw a great photo of it when it was new with all the 50’s delivery station wagons parked out in front of it at the Austin History Center…really cool.

  7. Kim Says:

    West of I-35 and south of FM 1626. I wonder if that photo you saw is online anywhere…

  8. Boneyard Media » Blog Archive » Adams Extract Building, Austin, TX (1955-2002) Vic’s Restaurant, Austin, TX (1957-2002?) Says:

    […] See a gorgeous nighttime photo¬†of the Adams Extract […]

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