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Adams Extract Building, Austin, TX (1955-2002), Pt. 3


The old Adams Extract building on I-35, which I waxed nostalgic for back in ’07, also caught the fancy of Mike Judge, who attributes the building as a key inspiration for Extract, his new movie. The location is still nothing but a heap of dirt, but the original neon sign now adds class to the considerably less attractive building in Gonzalez, Texas (above). At least we still have Benji’s photo of the building. And thanks to commenter Sterling Crim of Adams Extract & Spice, LLC, who tells us that the Austin History Center “has the original architectural files” and that they are “loaded with photos inside and out of the plant.”

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  1. Paul Nix Says:

    07 Dec 2011

    I was a teenager during the 1960s living in San Marcos and whenever my mother and I would go to Austin I’d be on-the-lookout for the Adams Extract ‘glass-cube’ just off IH35.

    I became an Electrical Engineer but have always had an interest in architecture and remember the Adams Extract building fondly.

    I have cousins who have ranchland near Gonzales and just this past week I was down there for Thanksgiving and went by the Adams Extract facility (in the Gonzales Industrial Park). I had two questions for the receptionist : 1.) How old does my bottle of vanilla extract have to be to show them being in Austin (she said that she thought pre-2005) and 2.) Was the ‘glass-cube’ still in Austin (I was sad to hear ‘no’).

    – Paul (WB5AGF)

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