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Sunday Service/Song ID: The Hello People – “(As I Went Down to) Jerusalem” (1968)


This single (which peaked at #123) kicked off the unique run of late sixties/early seventies mime rock outfit the Hello People. “Mime rock” is a misleading term because they didn’t mime at all, although their white face paint and somewhat exaggerated movements made them look like they were. Hence the weird allure. Notwithstanding my own affection for this single, their overall sound never quite jelled into anything especially singular, but their stage presence made for some memorable TV appearances (stay tuned).

Update (7/11): Whatever prompted me to claim with assurance that the Hello People were not really a mime rock group has been refuted by Richard Gagnon (see comments) who says they would mime on stage in between songs. This makes perfect sense – I sure wish I could have seen this one-of-a-kind band live.

The Hello People – “(As I Went Down to) Jerusalem”

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3 Responses to “Sunday Service/Song ID: The Hello People – “(As I Went Down to) Jerusalem” (1968)”

  1. Ziggy Arnold Says:

    What a great submission! I’ve been trying to find this song for decades! The single actually peaked quite high among the local radio stations in August 1968 in Northeast Ohio, USA (it was up to number 8 in Cleveland, Akron). A true classic, including their other great piece, “Anthem.”

  2. Richard Gagnon Says:

    But they *did* mime. Live, between the songs. But *that* would have been hard to convey on record.

  3. Kim Says:

    Thanks, Richard. See update above.

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