Boneyard Media

About the content on BYM


I originally wanted to call this site something like “The Articulator,” which is what they called people in the Dickens era who reconstructed skeletons, but it felt too pretentious, as though I had more faith in my ability to use language than I do. So “Boneyard Media,” even with its somewhat undesirable connotations of ancient history, ended up sticking. The subject matter is mostly recorded music, but it jumps around with a hopeless lack of orthodoxy. Ultimately, miracles of timing and mood are what prompt me to post things here.

Just about all of the audio content on Boneyard Media is either taken from out-of-print recordings and offered here in stream-only form (in somewhat less-than-optimal sound quality), or linked to a YouTube clip. Although I’ve occasionally worried about taking the liberty of doing this, withholding audio information makes no sense to me. My correspondences with some of the creators of the records I make available here, thankfully, have also eased my conscience about it. That said, if you are the owner of any of the audio or visual content presented here and would like to see it removed, please email me at kimsimpson at gmail dot com and consider it done.

By the way, in 12/08, every last word I’d written in this blog, including all of the comments, never made it past a system overhaul. Before then I viewed blogging as a carefree, seat-of-the-pants sort of affair and I wish I’d handled everything with a bit more fear and trembling and carefully backed it all up as I went along. I mention this because you may have seen things or posted comments in those days that have mysteriously vanished.  Sorry about this. I’ve actually been able to recover a good bit of stuff through other channels, but the “restoration project” was not 100% successful and still continues. If there’s anything you remember having seen here that you’d especially like to jog my memory on or see brought back, feel free to get in touch.