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Song ID: John Christie – “4th of July” (1974)


Rare little beauty written by Paul McCartney. This 45 is apparently John Christie’s only release and also the only thing I know about him.

Update (12/06/10): My “only release” pronouncement has been mercifully disproven by Herman Hamerpagt (see comments below). Christie, who was a discovery of Dave Clark (of the Dave Clark 5) actually put out an album called Relax in ’74 and had a hand in Clark’s ’80s musical Time. A record hunter’s work is never done.

John Christie – “4th of July” (1974)

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11 Responses to “Song ID: John Christie – “4th of July” (1974)”

  1. jgkojak Says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have nearly everything by Macca but have NEVER heard this anywhere else.

  2. Kim Says:

    Hey, my pleasure. It’s ridiculous how hard it is to find this…

  3. EddieV Says:


    Could have been great if Macca had done this

  4. Mark Campese Says:

    I wonder how he came to get this McCatney gem ??? Did he know Paul already ??
    Interesting….I would love to hear a McCartney demo….

  5. Kim Says:

    I’m guessing JC was a fleeting pet project of Paul’s since he’d also produced it. Would love to find out more…

  6. Herb OBrien Says:

    This single was released for 1 day and withdrawn.

  7. Ernie Says:

    Is this 45 a commercial copy for the public? I have one, but it is a white label promo copy.

  8. Denis Willians Says:

    I can’t hear anything! There’s no link. Please post it again!!
    Thank you from Brazil.

  9. Herman Hamerpagt Says:

    The single “4th Of July” is not the only record released by John Christie. John comes from Australia and Dave Clark (from the Dave Clark Five) discovered John and produced all his records, that means 12 singles, 1 album and 1 cd.
    John can also be heard on the soundtrack album of Dave Clark’s musical “Time”.
    John starred in a lot of West End musicals and I’ve heard he’s now singing regulary on cruise ships.

  10. Kim Says:

    Thank you!!! See update above.

  11. Thomas Schnur Says:

    I was able to get a promo copy.
    I am a great fan of the Beatles and Macca.
    I really would like to know what this song would have turned to if Macca had been the one to record it himself.
    It is a great piece of music and only such a fantastic musician like Macca could give away such a good and beautiful song.

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