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Sunday Service/Song ID: Delirium – “Jesahel” (1972)

This Italian religious youth cult, which flourished in the God-consciousness flareup of the early seventies, called itself – in full – “The Tribe of Delirium for the Most High Jesahel.” Origins of the term “Jesahel” are unclear, but the tribe would use it interchangeably in reference to the ultimate guiding spirit, as in Jehovah, and to a holy land of both origin and promise, as in Jerusalem. The tribe included no one over thirty, and they would only emerge periodically in large groups – from their headquarters in the high Apennines – just long enough to enliven Italian city street life by chanting and singing as they stood side by side, stiff and upright as soldiers, save for those ever-chugging arms, which continuously expressed their trademark “applause for Jesahel.” (Equally common among them was the outstretched “Jesahel reach” and the “family-clasp,” both of which you can see demonstrated above.) Flute-wielding leader Ivano Fossati, or genitore (parent) as they called him, made the journeys infrequently, preferring to lead from the hills with his seven female co-genitores. Whatever public appearances he did make with the Delirium tribe, though, caused enough furor for their signature mantra “Jesahel” to become an Italian smash hit.

Just kidding – I made all that up, but I prefer it to the truth, which is that “Jesahel” is just a love song by a certain Euro prog rock group.

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