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“The Folk Bazaar” debuts tomorrow on KOOP

My new radio show’s called “The Folk Bazaar,” and starting tomorrow it will air every Wednesday at 3, featuring internationally-oriented folk music, psychedelic/acid/weird/neo folk and folk rock, solo instrumental folk, inventive singer-songwriters, exotic medinas, heads in clouds, and imaginations running wild. The Serbian group above, S vremena na vreme (From Time to Time), is right in the pocket (the song’s called “Strange Tree” from 1973). If you’re in Austin, spin the dial counter-clockwise to 91.7 FM. If you’re listening on the web, catch a live stream at the KOOP website (click “listen now” at top left). [Update 2/14: A few months after its debut I changed the show name to “The International Folk Bazaar.” It now airs every Thursday at 11 am CST on KOOP

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