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Song ID: The Beach Boys – “Airplane” (1977)


The Beach Boys’ Love You record hides much complexity behind a tossed off, damaged-Brian Wilson veneer: when Wilson sings on it, the group’s guiding light sounds like he’s trying not to cough, and the synth he plays gives it a cost-cutting project-studio aura before everyone started recording that way. But these are beguiling, clever songs. The album’s penultimate one, about buckling into an airplane seat, chatting idly to strangers about loved ones back home, and gazing out the window at the incomprehensibilities of size and distance, has a knowing, elegaiac quality. Its subtle chord changes call for a version on nylon string guitar, which would perhaps sound like a companion piece to Simon and Garfunkel’s “So Long Frank Lloyd Wright.”

The Beach Boys – “Airplane” (1977)

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