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1955 Chevy Nomad by Kinsmart


What the station wagons of the fifties do to me is tap into my adult susceptibility to vintage advertising, prompting fantasies about putting on a Pendleton, lighting up a pipe, and driving my family through the Northwest evergreens. What the station wagons of the mid-seventies do to me is remind me of real life childhood vacations before seat belt laws, when you could freely roll out sleeping bags in the back, set up a smorgasbord or play croquet.

I bought this Kinsmart brand 1955 Chevy Nomad toy after spotting it by chance at a Walgreens in Albuquerque. I looked up the company and was disappointed that they didn’t also have a 1972 Ford Country Squire family wagon, white with wood panels and a red interior. ┬áBut this will do nicely.

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