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Bozo’s Songs About Good Manners (1954)


The old 1940s Bozo records appeared in the grand fashion of the day – two 78s and a book tucked inside what might nowadays be mistaken as an antique photo album. You could read along with the dialogue and take in the glorious full color illustrations until Bozo said it was “time to turn the page in your picture book.” When I was a kid I used to spend a lot of time at the house of a friend of mine who was the youngest of nine. His parents had started buying kids’ records in the fifties, so there was a lot of vintage stuff around. I fell deeply in love with their tattered copy of Bozo Under the Sea, which my friend actually ended up giving me. (I’ve still got it and I’m still thanking him for it after several decades.) Nowadays you can download at least four of these full albums (including Under the Sea), complete with book, at Kiddie Records Weekly. Last weekend I was going through some stuff and found a 45 version of Bozo’s Songs About Good Manners which I didn’t know I had. So here it is. Sorry ’bout those Rice Krispies in the background. I did what I could.

By the way, there’s been some controversy about Bozo’s origins. It turns out that the Bozo on Capitol Records – on these records I’m talking about – was officially the first one. Pinto Colvig, also the voice of Disney’s Goofy, did Bozo and many of the other voices on the records. The Bozo we know from The Bozo Show and elsewhere, however, developed a popular persona quite independent from the Capitol version. (Alas, another early 80’s cable flashback – remember when WGN used to show that? He’d say things like “ridicle-docle” for “ridiculous.”)

“Bozo’s Songs About Good Manners” (1954)

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3 Responses to “Bozo’s Songs About Good Manners (1954)”

  1. kyle Says:

    no wonder he sounds so much like goofy!

  2. Tom Holbrook Says:

    I too grew up with the hand-me-down Bozo records from Capitol’s past. The records were truly theatre of the mind for kids. and if they could be shot into cartoons would entertain the little ones of today.

    Thank you for sharin’

    I hope you will check out my new book: The Bozo Chronicles which is a detailed time-line of Bozo’s golden age at Capitol.
    Please visit: for more info.

    All the best,
    Tom Holbrook

  3. Tom Holbrook Says:


    Famous Bozo “The Capitol Clown” is turning 64!’ Originally created by Alan W. Livingston for Capitol Records with kiddie photo album “Bozo at the Circus” released in October 1946, a new book entitled The Bozo Chronicles celebrates his origin and history for his worldwide fans. See:
    A Google search will give more info about The Bozo Chronicles and the official website.

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