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Pat Williams as Heavenly Father


I’ll share a personal quandary with you. When the notion of God as a father figure in space first found its way to me, I never once thought about this personage as someone with a white beard and robe. I thought of Him in the cosmic, clean-cut image of a specific record in my earthly father’s record collection – Pat Williams’s Think. This conception has proven to be a complex one for me over the years and I may yet attempt to unravel it. It makes me wonder whether one’s first distinct visual conception of God is a key factor in one’s future religious behavior.  Yes, kinda makes you think.

Pat Williams – “Think” (1968)

2 Responses to “Pat Williams as Heavenly Father”

  1. rlynt23 Says:

    How has this affected your religious behavior, then, Kim?

  2. Kim Says:

    It’s caused me to search for God through records.

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