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Sunday Service: United Medical Laboratories, Inc. Concert Chorale – Commitment (1969?)


“This album of sacred and secular songs comes to you … as an expression of appreciation to our clients, their patients, and our friends everywhere who, with us, are dedicated to the ideals of providing humanity with relief from pain and suffering. When United Medical Laboratories was established sixteen years ago [in Portland, Oregon], its founders recognized the vital role scientific data could play in improving the health-care of mankind. The handful of people who made up its original staff endured every sacrifice to achieve scientific excellence in their commitment to this ideal.” (liner notes)


I’m big on scientific methods too, and here’s how I deduced the probable year of this record: I took a close look at the middle picture on the back, which looked like Che Fong’s forensics team from Hawaii Five-0 episodes of the late 1960s. Hence the year I’ve chosen: 1969.

United Medical Laboratories, Inc. Concert Chorale – “The Lord’s Prayer”

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