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Poslednja igra leptira – “Kiksmix”


posted by Stanislav

When Kim started a series of posts about medleys, I immediately thought of one that was a moderate hit in Yugoslavia, but I had trouble finding it until now. Poslednja igra leptira (“last dance of the butterfly”) was one of the groups that appeared on the tail end of the punk and new wave period of Yugo rock. They were basically a parody band, but I’m not so sure if their humor still holds water. They were often played on a popular radio show “Zeleni megahertz” which was aired every Saturday morning. In true Yugoslav spirit, the show was produced in simulcasts from two studios – one in Belgrade and other in Zagreb. Lacking a good hit for their second album, PIL’s “Kiksmix” gave them an opportunity to reiterate their huge first hit “Natasa” along with several other folk and rock hits in a typical “Stars on 45” fashion.

Poslednja igra leptira – “Kiksmix”

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3 Responses to “Poslednja igra leptira – “Kiksmix””

  1. Kim Says:

    This is an amazing artifact. I’m surprised at how many of the folk songs I recognize from my days on the streets of Belgrade and Zagreb. How about tossing out a few of the song titles packed into it?

  2. Stanislav Says:

    1. Krcmarice (folk song, unknown origin)
    2. Case lomim ruke mi krvave (folk song unknown origin)
    3. Sjedila sam za masinom (folk song, I think Hungarian)
    4. Hej koji si znak (Neoplanti)
    5. Daj mi kazi odakle te znam (Stakleno Zvono)
    6. U Stambolu na Bosforu (Bosnian folk)
    7. Tonka (Novi Fosili)
    8. I think this one is called Simpatija, but I can’t remember who does it originally. It was a pop hit.

    1. Natasa (Poslednja igra leptira)
    2. Jovano Jovanke (Macedonian folk, there’s also a Leb i Sol cover)
    3. Kenozoik (Idoli)
    4. Reci mi tiho tiho (Novi Fosili)
    5. Niko kao ja (Sarlo Akrobata)
    6. Kao ti (Parni Valjak)

    1. Ona se budi (Sarlo Akrobata)
    2. Moja mala nema mane (folk song, Vojvodina)
    3. Dva dinara druze (Riblja Corba)
    4. Ramu Ramu (Hindu folk song, Yugoslav version by Muharem Serbezovski)
    5. Cujes, cujes, cujes seko (folk song, Serbia)
    6. Oprosti mi pape (Oliver Dragojevic)
    7. Romana (Djordje Marjanovic)
    8. Zbog jedne divne crne zene (Kico Slabinac)
    9. Na zapadu nista novo (Riblja Corba)
    10. Novo vreme (Buldozer)

  3. Kim Says:

    And the truth comes out – some of the “folk songs” I claimed to recognize were actually by Novi Fosili. That reminds me – I went to see Freddie Hubbard at the Zagreb Jazz Festival in 1990 and a few members of NF (including the singer) were sitting in the row behind me….

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