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Albums of the Year 2009


Albums of the Year 2009

1 – The Wax Wesleys – I’m Aware, I Don’t Care. Highlight: “Punch Me, I Would Like That.”

2 – Cathy Sinus – Faux Furs Electric Don’t Touch Don’t Look Wait Do Look. Highlight: “Animal Weapon Underthing.”

3 – First Clouds/Then Karo – Vibrato Envy. Highlight: “Never Bending.”

4 – The 3:12’ers – Synthpad Scripture. Highlight: “P.M.S. (Post Metrosexual).”

5 – The Cast from “Where the Wild Things Are” – Chant Lullabys Inspired by the Soundtrack to “Where the Wild Things Are.” Highlight: “I Seethe.”

6 – Sergei and Sarah Gu – Hear Us Swallow. Highlight: “Under My Tongue.”

7 – The Killtwisters – Whiskey Wizard. Highlight: “You Put the Q in Quaver.”

8 – Agronomy – Growbot. Highlight: “Percolation Fortnight.”

9 – Traviz Milk-it featuring Malt-O-Meel – In Pieces, In Peace. Highlight: “My Components, Version 3 (KitchenAde Remix).”

10 – Affectation Station – Invocation to the Station. Highlight: “Affectation Station Celebration.”

11 – The Slumberites – The Dour Masochist’s Mystery. Highlight: “Elmer Fudd Reverie.”

12 – Elko – American Asphalt Mile By Mile. Highlight: “My Longest Hour (Acoustic Version).”

Note: OK, they’re all fake, so no need for Googlin.’ But har dee har, I tricked you. Just be glad I opted out on the fake blurbs.

posted by Kim Simpson

4 Responses to “Albums of the Year 2009”

  1. JB Says:

    Starting to feel like Lucy and the football around here.

  2. Kim Says:

    My heart’s in the right place.

  3. Jasper Goldstein Says:

    Ok, I honestly nearly commented asking where I could get the playlist.

  4. Kim Says:

    It’s OK, JG – I probably would have just given you a fake answer.

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