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Movies By Memory: 1996 edition (100% Google-free)*


How to play “Movies By Memory”: Take the 3 or 4 things you remember about any given movie (no Google allowed) and incorporate these into a one-sentence plot summary.

The English Patient (1996): A woman feeds a dying soldier nothing but chocolate as he narrates classic scenes from “Lawrence of Arabia.”

Hard Core Logo (1996): Three Canadian punks hunt for Ron Reagan Jr. and commit Charlie Starkweather-style farmland murders along the way.

Lone Star (1996): Three policemen sleep together in a Texas border town, making for subsequent confusion and the birth of Freddie Fender.

Secrets and Lies (1996): A British man plans and orchestrates an entire family reunion while on the toilet.

The Craft (1996): Loosely based on “Henry V,” this film follows the adventures of a young girl who chooses Shakespeare over witchcraft.

Suburbia (1996): Tom Hanks helps the cast from “Kids” cope with fame after their song “We Don’t Take Checks” becomes a massive hit.

Stealing Beauty (1996): Liz Taylor’s daughter finds herself through uncovering the dark side of Italian farm life.

The Daytrippers (1996): Stanley Tucci teaches a narrow-minded suburban family not to fear NYC subway travel.

Freeway (1996): Alicia Silverstone and Nick Nolte battle a ghost town full of real life nursery rhyme characters.

Breaking the Waves (1996): Liam Neeson’s brush with death on an oil rig sparks a whirlwind of golden rock ‘n’ roll memories.

*except for that picture.

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