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NPR’s All Things Considered, Smurfs, and Polish Christmas Music

Saturday, December 24th, 2011


Since NPR started airing the current Wycliffe Gordon-penned theme for All Things Considered in 1995, I’d always imagined it as a smartened variation of the Smurfs theme. (South Park administered payback in 1998 by lifting its cheesy poofs theme from NPR.) My friend Jim, though, sent me a 1968 Christmas song by a Polish rock group called Skaldowie (aided by a girl group called Ali Babki), and if my ears don’t deceive me, the refrain near the end of the song, starting at 2:19, anticipates All Things Considered quite faithfully.

Skaldowie – Bedzie Koleda (There Will Be a Christmas Carol)

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Checking in with Hal Holiday

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011


December’s always a good time to check in with Hal Schneider, a.k.a. Hal Holiday, the man that brought us the deathless “Sleigh Bell Rock”/”Booze Party” single in 1960 and whom I declared, quite astutely, back in ’07 to be “Utah’s King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Hal continues to perform live in the Ogden and Salt Lake areas and recently gathered up some local press when the makers of the Australian film Red Dog used “Booze Party” for a bar scene. A smashing development for someone who, as of four years ago, had yet to see a dime for his nearly half-decade-old songs.