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The Vertigo Show: Pastoral Version

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011


And here’s a playlist of some of my favorite pastoral tracks from the Vertigo label that I aired on my KOOP Radio International Folk Bazaar show this week. Above: Magna Carta.

Dr. Strangely Strange – “When Adam Delved
Magna Carta – “The Bridge at Knaresborough Town
Juicy Lucy – “That Woman’s Got Something
Thomas F. Browne – “Poor Man’s Smile”
Fairfield Parlour – “Monkey
Tudor Lodge – “It All Comes Back to Me
Rod Stewart – “Only a Hobo
Magna Carta – “Sponge
Jade Warrior – “Yellow Eyes
Black Sabbath – “Fluff
Ian Matthews – “Little Known
Jimmy Campbell – “In My Room
Hokus Poke – “Big World Small Girl

The Vertigo Show: Heavy Version

Monday, June 6th, 2011


Here’s a playlist of some of my favorite heavy Vertigo tracks that I aired as a guest host on KOOP Radio’s Rock N Roll Pest Control this week.  Above: Hokus Poke.

Colosseum – “The Kettle” (1969)
Flied Egg – “Burning Fever” (1972)
Black Sabbath – “NIB” (1970)
Sensational Alex Harvey Band – “Midnight Moses” (1972)
Freedom – “Through The Years” (1971)
May Blitz – “For Madmen Only” (1971)
Uriah Heep – “Real Turned On” (1970)
Black Sabbath – “St Vitus Dance” (1972)
Status Quo – “Drifting Away” (1974)
Jade Warrior – “The Demon Trucker” (1972)
Gravy Train – “Can Anybody Hear Me” (1971)
Ronno – “Powers of Darkness” (1971)
Warhorse – “Standing Right Behind You” (1972)
Hokus Poke – “Hag Rag” (1972)
Clear Blue Sky – “I’m Comin’ Home” (1971)
Lucifer’s Friend – “Ride In The Sky” (1970)
Status Quo – “Big Fat Mama” (1972)
Black Sabbath – “Lord Of This World” (1971)

The Banana Man

Monday, October 4th, 2010


Today after I aired my Banana Megamix on KOOP Radio a caller rang me up and told me about “The Banana Man” who used to appear regularly on Ed Sullivan (before my time). I’ve come to find out via the Banana Man tribute site that the Ed Sullivan Banana Man (the same one who once appeared on Captain Kangaroo) was a second generation version of the original. No matter – if weirdness was his goal, he was getting it done. Like Bert once told Ernie, I don’t know if I’m emotionally secure enough for this sort of entertainment.

Interview with Kendell Kardt on KOOP (09/09/10)

Monday, September 13th, 2010

I finally got a chance to do a KOOP radio interview with Boneyard Media VIP Kendell Kardt, who blew through Austin with the hurricane last week. You can download a zip file or just stream it from here.



Kendell Kardt “International Folk Bazaar” interview, 09/09/10

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download zip file

“The Folk Bazaar” debuts tomorrow on KOOP

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

My new radio show’s called “The Folk Bazaar,” and starting tomorrow it will air every Wednesday at 3, featuring internationally-oriented folk music, psychedelic/acid/weird/neo folk and folk rock, solo instrumental folk, inventive singer-songwriters, exotic medinas, heads in clouds, and imaginations running wild. The Serbian group above, S vremena na vreme (From Time to Time), is right in the pocket (the song’s called “Strange Tree” from 1973). If you’re in Austin, spin the dial counter-clockwise to 91.7 FM. If you’re listening on the web, catch a live stream at the KOOP website (click “listen now” at top left). [Update 2/14: A few months after its debut I changed the show name to “The International Folk Bazaar.” It now airs every Thursday at 11 am CST on KOOP