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The Vertigo Show: Pastoral Version

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011


And here’s a playlist of some of my favorite pastoral tracks from the Vertigo label that I aired on my KOOP Radio International Folk Bazaar show this week. Above: Magna Carta.

Dr. Strangely Strange – “When Adam Delved
Magna Carta – “The Bridge at Knaresborough Town
Juicy Lucy – “That Woman’s Got Something
Thomas F. Browne – “Poor Man’s Smile”
Fairfield Parlour – “Monkey
Tudor Lodge – “It All Comes Back to Me
Rod Stewart – “Only a Hobo
Magna Carta – “Sponge
Jade Warrior – “Yellow Eyes
Black Sabbath – “Fluff
Ian Matthews – “Little Known
Jimmy Campbell – “In My Room
Hokus Poke – “Big World Small Girl

Song ID: Magnet – “Corn Rigs” (1972)

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010


I got talking with Kendell Kardt about his pre-Rig days in New York City and he again made my head spin somewhat when he talked about a folk group he played in called “Forever Children” that included his friend Paul Giovanni (other members included Ronnie Gilbert, Joyce Aaron, and Mike Poznick). This is the same Paul he writes about in his private, online memoir – a guy he gave guitar lessons to and who performed, along with the aforementioned Ms. Aaron (Kendell’s girlfriend at the time), in an experimental troupe called the Open Theatre. Paul and his partner, the British playwright Peter Shaffer, eventually (and benevolently) flew Kendell out to London during an Open Theatre stint out there circa 1970 so he could reunite with Ms. Aaron.

That’s pretty much the end of Kendell’s own story with Paul, but the memory drive in my head kept clicking over the familiar-sounding name, and I remembered it was the same name listed as composer on the opening credits of the the 1973 Wicker Man cult film (performed by a group called “Magnet”). So I dug up an album cover by the group Side Show, that I since found out Giovanni had also belonged to, and Kendell said, “yes, this is Paul, second from the left.” I then told Kendell about The Wicker Man and have now replaced the long standing encyclopedia listing in my head that read “Paul Giovanni: Forgotten British folkie who composed a one-off soundtrack to a singular movie” to “Paul Giovanni: New York actor, composer, and old friend of Kendell’s who also happened to write the music for a singular movie.” Giovanni passed away in 1990, but although this New York Times obituary makes no mention of it, that enchanting soundtrack alone will keep his memory alive and well.

(Another friend of Kendell’s, by the way, recently sent along this piece from the Guardian about a Rocky Horror-style Wicker Man singalong that just took place in London…)

Magnet – “Corn Rigs” (1972)

Wayfaring Strangers: Guitar Soli (2008)

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009


Labels like Numero Group are a good example of why CDs will likely be with us for a while, and that’s because when they’re done right, they’re hard to resist. Numero Group’s recent Wayfaring Strangers: Guitar Soli compilation, which gathers up fourteen tracks by guitarists unknown to virtually everyone but fingerstyle junkies is a case in point. The liner notes are smart and respectful, the booklet makes room for 2 generous pages for each artist (including a full page shot of each track’s original album), and the texture and design are inviting, clean and elegant. It’s the five senses at work here.


“The Folk Bazaar” debuts tomorrow on KOOP

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

My new radio show’s called “The Folk Bazaar,” and starting tomorrow it will air every Wednesday at 3, featuring internationally-oriented folk music, psychedelic/acid/weird/neo folk and folk rock, solo instrumental folk, inventive singer-songwriters, exotic medinas, heads in clouds, and imaginations running wild. The Serbian group above, S vremena na vreme (From Time to Time), is right in the pocket (the song’s called “Strange Tree” from 1973). If you’re in Austin, spin the dial counter-clockwise to 91.7 FM. If you’re listening on the web, catch a live stream at the KOOP website (click “listen now” at top left). [Update 2/14: A few months after its debut I changed the show name to “The International Folk Bazaar.” It now airs every Thursday at 11 am CST on KOOP

Walter Eriksson and Andrew Walter’s Orchestra – “Du Ska Fa Sukkertoy” (197?)

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007


Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) sponsored this “Norwegian sing-a-long” special along with many other Nordic delights that perhaps await you now at your nearest Salvation Army. (The Standard-Colonial label actually issued a whole bevy of “World of Music” LPs – not just Scandinavian – but I haven’t been able to verify if they were all sponsored by airlines.) The title of the selection below translates to (I think) “You Get Candy,” and it’s guaranteed to cheer you up under any circumstance.

Walter Eriksson and Andrew Walter’s Orchestra – “Du Ska Fa Sukkertoy”

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