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Song ID: Hedva and David – “Naomi No Yume” (1970)

Saturday, April 26th, 2014


In 1970 this Israeli duo (Hedva Amrani and David Rosenthal) entered their single¬†“Ani Cholem Al Naomi” (“I Dream of Naomi”) in Tokyo’s Yamaha Song Festival and won first prize. They entered with a Japanese version, though, which subsequently sold close to a million copies. ¬†If you let this sticky song run through your mind long enough, it might morph into the Association’s “Along Comes Mary” or the Zombies’ “She’s Not There.”


“Ani Cholem Al Naomi” – Hedva and David (Hebrew)

“Naomi No Yume” – Hedva and David (Japanese)

“I Dream of Naomi” – Hedva and David (English)